Bonnell Project - Program Highlights through Q3 2014

Andrew Perry has put together a great little overview of some of our program highlights. Pretty pround when you look at it all in one place, we should do this more often!

coming soon co-working @ Bonnell Project

co-working space getting going @ Bonnell Building downtown, check it out!

Congrats to Organic Matters for Dec. Iowa Source Cover

Check out Bonnell hosted project Organic Matters, December's Iowa Source cover. FULL ARTICLE

Hosted Project Spotlight

Illuminated Art - Candle Making

Sculpture candle-making

At Illuminated Art, candle making is an art form. Instead of being simple and plain accents our Sculpture Candles are unique visual centerpieces that draw attention and conversation.
The Sculpture Candles in our Geometric Hands series all exude a certain sense of mystery. Human and geometric forms combine together to create images that are both mystical and fantastical. Innately classical yet contemporary and stylish, our Sculpture Candles are unique decorative highlights for today's modern living spaces.

Bonnell Space Spotlight

Bonnell Building - Fairfield Square

Address (link to google map)::

Located on the South-West corner of the Fairfield town Square, the Bonnell Building site consists of a 15,000 SqFt commerical building on 2 above-ground levels and 1 lower level.